Who are we?

The Chester Performing Arts Studio is owned and operated by Barbara Plunkett, a long time resident of Chesterfield County. Her daughters, Ali and Erin are assistant directors. They’ve been putting on plays with elementary and middle school children since 2001. They started with after school enrichment classes at area elementary schools and opened The Drama Club in Chester in the summer of 2008.

“Working with the kids in drama, I’ve seen some miraculous transformations. The realization that a child’s self esteem and confidence can be increased simply by giving them a part in a play, has driven me to continue this endeavor outside the boundaries of a school environment. I cannot adequately express the feeling of seeing a shy, sometimes introverted child speak, sing and dance on a stage. Not every child “transforms”. Some only need an outlet to let their natural abilities shine. However, I honestly feel that most of the children who have been involved in a performance grew in some way from their experiences on stage. It’s very gratifying and fulfilling to have a part in those experiences. We are very excited about expanding our performing arts base to include dance and music. Now we will be able to reach even more children in the Chester community.”

Barbara Plunkett
The Chester Performing Arts Studio