Drama Curriculum

Fall-Spring Drama classes are now a nine month program with three shows within the nine month session. You can register for one production at a time or qualify for a 10% discount by registering for all three productions by September 1st.

Summer Drama classes: Main Event has three camps with two weeks in each camp and a performance of a full musical at the end of each camp.  PreShow meets June – August with a performance in August.

Pre-Show (ages 5-9)

This program begins to prepare young actors to be comfortable in front of others and on stage. It allows them to express themselves in speech, dance, song and movement. They begin to learn stage directions through games and make believe. All participants will have a part in an age appropriate performance which will be given at the end of the session as the opening act for the Main Event performance.

Main Event (ages 9-16)

These students will be given a more in-depth introduction to performing on stage. Students are introduced to stage directions, voice projection, character analysis and portrayal of emotions through theatre exercises, song, dance, and rehearsals. They will work with a music director as well as choreographer every week. Each child will learn to become comfortable speaking in front of an audience. This is great for self esteem and self confidence building. They must work as a team to prepare for a full length musical. Every student will be assigned a part with dialog, singing and dancing. They will participate in an age appropriate performance at the end of the session.

ActOne (ages 13-up)

ActOne classes are for the more mature cast who is interested in participating in a non-musical.  The cast will share artistic ideas and techniques, develop characters and explore new boundaries by participating in plot development and direction.  Their final performance will be at the end of each session.  All participants are cast as a character with dialog.