Dance Curriculum

We are a non-competition studio. We believe Dance is an art and concentrate on the art form. Our dancers will participate in performances in January and June which will enhance their abilities to express emotion and characters through dance.

Class                                   Age                     Length (minutes)         Time


Ballet/Tap                    3 – 5                    45                          5:30-6:15

  • This class will build very basic beginning ballet and tap skills. Dancers will learn rhythm and coordination through games and fun music. Students should wear pink tights and black leotard; skirts are fine if they are attached to the leotard. Students will also need black tap shoes, preferably snap on or Velcro so we don’t have shoes coming untied. Also, pink ballet shoes.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz  I                 6 – 10                       90                           6:15-7:45

  • This class is more advanced than the pre ballet classes but still intended for beginner dancers. Dancers will learn more dance vocabulary and be taught slightly more technical skills. Attire is black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, tan jazz shoes, hair pulled back.

Lyrical/Hip Hop                     10 – up                    60                           7:30-8:30

  • Students will learn to move gracefully and interpret music while working on important skills such as leaps and turns. In hip hop, dancers will build coordination, musicality and learn appropriate hip hop moves. Attire for Hip Hop is black dance pants and fitted shirt, black combat boots and foot undies or paws for lyrical.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz  II                      10- up                      90                           6:00-7:30

  • Placement will be determined by the instructor. Dancers will build on all tap, jazz and ballet skills and be expected to learn and understand more dance vocabulary. Technique will be pushed more strongly in this class than the lower level classes, but students should still have fun while learning. Attire is black leotard, pink  tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, tan jazz shoes, hair pulled back.

 Hip Hop                  7 – 10                       45                           7:45 – 8:30

  • In hip hop, dancers will build coordination, musicality and learn appropriate hip hop moves. In jazz we will work fun different styles of jazz as well as build on skills such as turns and leaps. Dancers should wear dance shorts or pants with a sports bra or fitted tank top. Shoes should be black combat boots.

Musical Theatre Dance                  10-up                       60                          5:00-6:00

  • Musical theater combines the best parts of both dance and theater. This class works on fun Broadway style choreography and dance technique while also putting an emphasis on acting and musical interpretation.